Friday, March 8, 2019

The "Older" Newborn

I follow many different photography blogs and Facebook pages where photographers gripe about the "older" newborn. SO many businesses ask for their newborns to arrive in their studios within the first 10 days. I used to be incredibly guilty of this and struggled to keep baby and momma happy and comfortable throughout my sessions.

I began noticing a trend in my work and with my clients. The older the newborn, the easier it was on all of us! I noticed that typically by Day 14, Momma has settled into a routine at home. She has started showering again (sort of!), she is able to keep up on hydrating, and she is finding that calm inside all of the chaos. Baby is growing and discovering Momma and Daddy. The baby's belly is getting bigger and is able to hold more, meaning more efficient feedings less often. That initial shock of being Earth-side is beginning to wear off and they are finding their little place in the world.

In exchange for a relaxed Momma and a full-bellied, calm baby, you get a massive gallery full of gorgeous images to share with your friends and family, beautiful artwork on your walls, and an album packed full of memories that will last a lifetime. 

Although I prefer to book your newborn session a couple of months in advance, don't let that stop you from reaching out. I will do my best to get you and your sweet babe on my calendar within the month so that we can capture these special memories for you.

**This little sweets was over 4 weeks fresh and was spectacular during her session**

I love when my families bring in one sentimental item. Her Daddy brought his baseball glove!

Have you just had a baby and think it may be too late to book your newborn artistry session? Think again! Let's get you on the calendar!

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