Friday, August 30, 2013

I follow all of my brides on Pinterest...

The first time I met with Amanda and Caleb, I knew their wedding day would be nothing but beautiful. Amanda had very specific plans, and she knew exactly what she wanted!! I followed her on Pinterest (If you are pinning, I'm following), watching all of the specifics come together. It really is amazing to see what my brides put in to their special day. It's not just a dress and a place to wed. It's the shoes, the colors, the flowers, the rings, the decorations, and all of those tiny details that create a personalized experience.

Her dress was absolutely STUNNING, with ruffles galore!

Yep. That's her fingerprint on his wedding band. Love.

Nothing but smiles from this groom and his guys!
The groom's brother took a few moments before the ceremony began to play an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. piece on the piano.

I love it when a couple smiles and laughs through their entire ceremony!

I LOVE her fabulous summer colors!

 Congratulations Amanda and Caleb!

Friday, August 16, 2013

All great things must come to an end

While it's been fabulous celebrating my birthday with all of you for an entire week, it has to end somewhere. Last up, a FREE 10x13 fine art print with any session booked TODAY by 10pm!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

While They Last...

Get it while it lasts, guys! Due to taking on a few SUPER awesome brides this fall, my regular family sessions will be very limited this year. Due to the few openings that remain on my calendar, I am only offering this deal to the first 6 people who contact me via email, and pay their deposit through Paypal.

So what are digital downloads good for? EVERYTHING! Use them to make prints of your own, share them on your favorite social media site and blog, or upload them to your favorite printing company to make your own Holiday cards! AND save $100 in the meantime :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Just as I promised...

Yesterday's birthday celebration deal was only for previous clients, so, just as I promised, today's is only for those of you who haven't booked a session yet! You will not find a better deal on a full session the rest of the year, so take advantage TODAY!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

For the love of a client!

Continuing with the birthday week celebrations, I feel I need to give a few 'thanks' to those of you who book (and re-book!) sessions with me. I can't tell you how much I LOVE watching your families come together and grow in front of my camera. So today's deal is for you guys :) Enjoy!

**Never had a session with MHP? Watch for tomorrow's deal!!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Birthday Week Extravaganza!

Seeing as how my birthday fell on a Monday (possibly the most boring day of the week), I needed to do a little something to spice it up. Make it a little funky. Have a little fun with it. This is where you guys came in. I also had a goal. A goal of getting to 1200 'LIKE's on my Facebook page. And you did it!! You made it happen!!

So to celebrate the 'LIKE's, as well as growing one year....umm...wiser, I will be running ridiculously awesome deals ALL WEEK. Not only will they be posted to the Facebook page, but I'll also be blogging about them every day, in order to keep up with the Facebook rules and regulations (law abiding citizen right here) :)

First up is a FLASH SALE! You MUST book and pay by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT in order to cash in on this. And I might want to inform you of this... THIS IS THE BEST DEAL ON SESSION PRICES ALL YEAR!

***************Contact me via email to reserve your spot!

In order to stay caught up and informed on all of this week's deals, you might want to click the 'subscribe' option down there! I promise, you aren't going to want to miss out on these!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Baby Love

I grew up with two sisters and one brother. The house was consistently noisy, very active, and NEVER a dull moment. Not only did my parents have the four of us running around, but there were typically a few friends added into the mix. One of those friends in particular kind of stuck around. He stuck around a lot, actually :) And then, not only did the four of us grow up and multiply, but so did our friends (which is why it's hard to throw a birthday party with less than 50 joke)!

This sweet, sweet baby boy was on his VERY best behavior. I heard him fuss one time in 5 hours. Seriously. And when I say fuss, I mean he peeped a little bit. Like a little squeak. Not a cry. Never a cry. Perfect.

 And while I'm on the subject of 'perfect', this baby's skin was just that. Not a blemish, red spot, scratch, nothing. Gorgeous olive complexion like his beautiful momma (just you wait...a little more perfection coming up...).

Love these piggies <3

This is the family who helped me to come to the decision of officially including a lifestyle session immediately following each of my newborn artistry sessions. No choice. It is a 'must have' now. No way out. These are the images that seem so unbelievably special to me. 

You guys. These girls. Gah. Love, love, love them.

Oh, how they love that baby boy!

Yes. That is, in fact, the woman who birthed this baby 8 days before this. Not.Fair.

Ummm... King Bear charged me in anticipation of having his picture taken!

  So happy to have grown up with this guy, and now absolutely thrilled that his family is growing along side mine. It's these kinds of friendships that last.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Little Sir!

I've done this kiddo's milestone sessions, so it only seemed fitting to celebrate the big one with the smashing and smearing of a cake. And that he did. Very well :)

Although I would LOVE to report publicly that all of my little clients adore me all of the time, this is not the case. It just wouldn't be true. And this guy? It's not that he doesn't like me. He's just not impressed with my jumping, bubble blowing, laughing, barking, counting, waving, snapping, peek-a-boo playing, silly noised self. After a 3, 6, and 9 month session with NO smiling AT ALL, I was determined. It was going to happen. I gave myself the big pep talk on the car ride over. Determination.

And it happened!!! HE LOVED ME!!! Whadaya know?! Give a kid cake and he's your best friend! All smiles! Until... Momma takes the cake away :/


Happy First Birthday, Bub :)