Friday, August 2, 2013

Rainy Day Bath

Back at it. And what better place to start than with an awesomely themed session?!

This little nut is my cousin's daughter. I've only been photographing her since..well..her first breath! She is SO.MUCH.FUN. Like, seriously. Due to living WAY too far away from me, she only gets to see me about once every three or four months. In baby time, I might as well be a stranger. But she warms up super quickly, and I think she might actually be starting to recognize me by the lens attached to my face.

I knew we wanted to get a few regular shots of this goofball, despite the persistent rain the ENTIRE day. But I also wanted to do something special with her. Something fun. A little experimenting for possible future sessions? And she LOVED it! It was perfect! Eeek! SO FLIPPIN' PERFECT! We set up under a big tree, threw a tarp down under the quilt, dressed my camera in a Ziplock bag, and my bro-in-law followed my every move (well, most of them anyway) with the biggest umbrella I've ever seen. My sister was getting married the following day and then we were hitting the road to find the ocean the next. It was TORTURE not being able to sit and edit all of these immediately! PURE TORTURE I tell you.

So enough babbling...



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