Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Carry On.

Truth be told, I was nervous to post my last blog entry. Really, super nervous. This is my business blog and what I posted about was NOT business related at all. Is it safe to mix my growing business with my personal life? Was that choice a sound, solid, go-forward choice? Yep. It was. No regrets. No looking back. It's done. Posted. A story told. A MASSIVE story told. So now what? A follow up.

I clearly had NO idea how many responses I would get to the last post, but my email inbox, my Facebook messages, my Twitter account, and even my voice mail and texts were out of control! Between all of them, I have close to 75 responses from women who have experienced and lived through the loss of a child in one form or another. Many of these women have NEVER spoken about their own loss. Many of them did not feel comfortable posting publicly on the blog, so I will share a few of the tidbits anonymously for them here. These are the ones that truly hit home:

"I have had 3 ectopic pregnancies with the last one being last may. I have now lost both of my tubes etc. We did get our miracle baby who's now 5 after my second ectopic through IVF."
 "It is like it all never happened now."
"You are a strong person for talking about it, because it does hurt."
"Now that I am going through it myself I am hearing about people who have had miscarriages and I never had any idea."
"We've had a very difficult time getting pregnant in the first place so for it to happen, and then be snatched away, felt like a really cruel joke."
"My Mom spoke to me last week about her eight children. She has been very confused lately. So I said, "Seven, Mom, seven and one miscarriage." She looked at me and with a little smile said, 'No, eight.' A mother always knows."

"I felt alone, I felt damaged, I felt wrong."
"It took a long time for me to realize that this is something that happens a lot, and you're right. It shouldn't."
"A part of our future slipped by and perpetually broke our heart along the way, and with few - to no - reasons or answers."
"For every mother that has lost a baby, there is a father that has lost a baby."
"It’s hard and I always felt like a failure, but I know things happen and there’s no good reason."

"I had a miscarriage (between my other two) and I was JUST thinking about that baby today."

Thank you to those of you who have shared the previous post. Without the passing of the link, this never would have reached so many women. Many of whom needed to read it in order to heal themselves. And thank you to all of the women who have come to me to share their own stories. You have helped me begin to create the new patch that will sit on my heart. 

With Mother's Day weekend having just ended, I want to remind all of those momma's to celebrate. Celebrate through the tears, hold on to what you have, and remember what you've lost. Keep getting up in the morning. Keep getting dressed. And carry on.

 "May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground. Carry on." - Fun

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