Thursday, July 25, 2019

Little Dapper Man - Louisville Newborn Photographer - Louisville KY

I've been doing Milestone Portrait sessions for years, but I've had a huge influx in them recently and I've discovered one common ground: Eight Month Sessions Are My FAVORITE!

I've known this dude for quite some time, photographing his gorgeous momma and daddy right before his birth. He's always a little skeptical of me, but this time he warmed up so quickly and gave me *the* sweetest smiles!

Take a look at this dapper little man!

The next time I get to go visit the guy we will be celebrating his FIRST BIRTHDAY!


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Saturday, July 20, 2019

How To Prepare For Your Newborn Artistry Portraits - Louisville Newborn Photographer - Louisville KY

How do you prep for your Newborn Artistry Portraits? 

You don't!

Having babies is mind numbing. Literally.

In your last month of pregnancy you are scrambling to figure out exactly what else needs to be bought, set up, put together, moved around, painted, packed, and prepped.

Once the baby arrives you're spending every hour trying to figure out who this new person is, what they want, what they need, and how to deal with all of the changes. At the same time, you're hurting physically, your brain is mush due to lack of sleep and hormones, you forget to eat, and you struggle to keep up with your water intake.

I get it. I really do. I've done this. Three times, actually. It's hard! Everything is really hard! Your baby's portrait should not be!

I used to have a big prep packet that I would send to clients. It included things like give your baby a bath before our session, feed your baby before leaving for your session, and try to keep your baby awake on the way to your session.

After several years of "prepping" my parents, I stopped. No prepping. Cold turkey. Why am I asking you to keep your babies awake? Why do you need to feed your baby ahead of time? Why are we giving baths and stressing you and your baby out?! Instead of going with what the rest of the newborn photography industry was doing, I went with my gut as a mother.

There's too much to stress about in the first few weeks. I will not have my clients stressed about getting portraits made.

My studio is completely stocked with wraps, headbands, hats, bonnets, newborn attire, buckets, baskets, and more. There are diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, and a changing table. There's even a coffee maker and snacks for momma and dad. So you bring nothing but the baby and the milk! That's it!

Sit back. Breathe it all in. I'll hold space for you. Let's make memories.


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Pretty In Pink - Louisville Newborn Photographer - Louisville KY

This is my sweet girl who decided she was ready much sooner than anyone expected! Her momma and daddy brought her into the studio after they were sprung from the hospital and she did absolutely amazing. We blew through *so* many setups! I am always impressed by the sleeping ability of a preemie! My newbies are typically pretty chill, but this girl was totally content to just snooze away the entire time.

This pose used to be requested all the time, but I haven't done one in YEARS! I was excited to add it to my shot list for her family! Look how tiny those toes are!

I try to grab a couple awake shots at the very end of each session. This girl was not having it!

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Early Arrival - Louisville Newborn Photographer - Louisville KY

I'm not sure I've ever had so much difficulty scheduling a maternity session due to weather. This momma booked MONTHS in advance, she had her outfits all ready to go, we had our perfect location picked out, and the relentless rain ruined our plans over and over and over again. The last time it poured down rain all day long and we decided to bump it just a couple more days, I *knew* this baby would be the one to decide to jump ship and make her debut early. And that is EXACTLY what happened!

So on our rescheduled date the sun was shining, the ground was free of all mud, and I packed up and headed to the hospital instead of a field to shoot this baby's first portraits instead of a maternity session!

Life is crazy, y'all! But look at how sweet!

Ahh! Those tiny fuzzy back rolls 💕

Welcome to the world, sweet girl!

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Almost-Irish Twins - Louisville Newborn Photographer - Louisville KY

My own girls were almost-Irish Twins, separated by less than 15 months, so when I talk with clients who are in the same boat I can totally relate! Having a baby is chaotic and amazing all at the same time. But when you add a baby to your family when you already have a baby, it's even crazier!

Looking back on the total chaos now, I can laugh and appreciate what we conquered. While I was in the thick of it, it just felt like a cyclone of Big Baby, Little Baby, diapers, milk, love, poop, naps, crying (not just from the babies!), more love, and puke. What an incredible whirlwind of precious insanity that was!!

This momma and daddy are doing incredible with their two babies. And even though Big Sis really wanted nothing to do with her baby, she hung in there with my million requests!

So, so sweet!

Oh, my goodness, these adorable back rolls!

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