Friday, October 21, 2011

 Once again, I present a member of my Baby Break family. Only this time, she comes with her own family, including the dog, Steve. Why did they name him Steve? Because their last name is Martin! This says a lot about the type of people they are! 

Ms. Shelley has taught both of my Little's, as well as 2 of my nieces. She has worked for Baby Break for 20 years, and is an OUTSTANDING teacher. She connects with the kiddos on a different level than anyone else. Her classroom is a fun, exciting, educational environment where she makes all of her 3 year old's feel safe. She is the teacher who takes that large step into beginning the preschool process with children. Ms. Shelley has taught my kid's how to write their names, how to say the Pledge of Allegiance, how to speak Spanish, and how to be confident little ladies. She treats each child as an individual and takes the time to help them when they need it. I cannot say enough good things about her!!!

So, let me tell you about the family dynamic! Between Shelley and her husband, I thought my face might literally break in half from laughing so hard. Holding the camera steady was definitely a task! They play off of each other so well, and simply go with the flow when it comes to their kids. I really appreciate a set of parents who can simply sit back and let their kids be kids during a photo shoot. And due to the relaxed, fun, hilarious couple of hours, this session will go down in the Top 10 all time favorites EVER! 

I leave you with a few of my favorites from the day. There were SEVERAL awesome outtakes (some worthy of a Christmas card!), but those will be kept private for Steve's sake!!

 Thank you Shelley and Tim for being AMAZING.

Blast From My Past

I spent weeks and weeks speaking with this awesome lady who wanted her family portraits done. We had several discussions on locations, she followed my Facebook page (you should too!), and we exchanged MANY e-mails. All the while, I am seeing her name typed, semi-stalking her on Facebook (you do it too, so don't judge!), and it simply never clicked.

It was seriously like the day before her family's session when I realized that she is married to someone I used to go to High School with. Not only was I in school with her husband and his younger brother, but she went to the SAME SCHOOL. Seriously?! Have I completely lost my mind??? Is this what happens with age? Could it be because of stress? Or possibly because I am usually working-pausing-working-pausing while children are screaming, interrupting, arguing, crying, needing cuddles, or wanting snacks? My guess is that all of the above played a role in the lack of connection.

Upon arriving for their session (with a rested, and slightly embarrassed, brain) it was as if I were hit with a brick. OF COURSE we went to school together!! They even look EXACTLY the same as they did 15 years ago! And let me tell you something...these 2 make GORGEOUS babies. Beautiful eyes, great hair, sweet little faces, and amazing attitudes. I was in photog heaven with this family!! Take a look:

 See what I mean?!?!

A Part of My Life

As I begin this blog post, I must give a little background info. My family (beginning about 9 years ago) stumbled upon some amazing people. My niece began going to a Parents Day Out-Preschool Program at Bethel St. Paul. Eventually, my other nieces began attending, my sister-in-law began working there, then I enrolled my Little's, and I loved it so much that I jumped on board and began working there, as well. Although this little family has gained, as well as lost, a few members, they are just that: Family. They take care of my kiddos, and about 60 others, just as they would their own.

Now, with the back story, I present to you Ms. Lauren and her fabulous family. Max and Molly are SERIOUSLY, no doubt, NO joking, SERIOUSLY a couple of the CUTEST KIDS EVER. I mean EVER. And you can't even tell that Max went to the hospital 2 days before the shoot for a few stitches in the head!

 So sorry Lauren...I just had to! More back story: She was being attacked by a GIANT spider. No one else seemed to care though!!!

It's a small, small world...

Just in case you were not aware already, I have been volunteering my photographic services to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kentuckiana. Months ago, the Manager of Special Events booked a session for the fall. This session was an EXTRA special session. It was to include her ENTIRE family; Mom, Dad, sister, brothers, in-laws, and nephews. Not only would it include all of the family, it was to take place on the farm where they all grew up.

Once I arrived on location, I realized this was right around the corner from the farm where I grew up. As I began talking to all of the family, I felt as though I recognized a couple of them. After about 30 minutes into the shoot, we discovered that the father actually knew the property where I grew up quite well, and 2 of the women had even worked at my dad's company! This world NEVER ceases to amaze me. I feel as if we all circle around the same people, and eventually we come right back to them, in one form or another.

Now, no more chatter. This GIANT family was a blast! LOTS of joking, laughter, silliness, a few tears, and cow poop. Cow poop??? Oh, yes. LOTS of that too!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Long time, no post...

Okay, okay, okay...It's been a REALLY long time since a blog post. When beginning my business a little over a year ago, I had no clue how busy I would be this fall! Blessed, thankful, happy, amazed, giddy, and excited? YES! All of the above! Thank you to ALL of my clients, fans, and family for keeping me on my toes!

Sooooo...Let's begin again, shall we? And what better place to start than with more little girls :) Seriously, could they be any cuter? These two little ladies stole my heart!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

One of My Own

This lovely lady was not simply a newborn session. She was also a baby I had to wait VERY patiently for. If you know me at all, you know I am not the patient type. This baby, Annie Jean, is one of my very own nieces. That's right...ONE of my nieces (I have well as a couple of nephews, but definitely LOTS of nieces). I have waited, and waited, and waited some more for ALL of these little girls (and BOYS). And now here is the newest. MY Annie Jean. EEEKKK!! LOVE HER! And while most of the time she was very sweet, cooperative, and quiet, she DEFINITELY let me know when she was finished with her debut!

 Hey...Is that baby wearing a leg warmer? Why, yes. As a matter of fact, she is.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Part of the Family

Just a little over a year ago, I had the opportunity to photograph this awesome family. A couple things were very special about this session. First of all (and most importantly) this family is one that I consider my own. I grew up with this gorgeous momma and I will ALWAYS consider her a major influence in my life. Her, her husband, and this little lady are seriously aMaziNG people.

The second extra special detail of their session last year was that it was my very 1st paid session EvEr. It marked the beginning of a new world for me. It was a slight glimpse into my future, although looking back on it, I had NO clue what I was in store for. I had no idea I would soon be falling in love. Falling in love with life again, with work, with my previous passions. I went head over heals in many aspects. And HERE I AM. Right here. FOURTEEN months later. LOTS of sessions later. RIGHT. HERE.

 Thank you so much Andrea and Jeff. Cheers to you and yours. xo