Friday, October 21, 2011

Blast From My Past

I spent weeks and weeks speaking with this awesome lady who wanted her family portraits done. We had several discussions on locations, she followed my Facebook page (you should too!), and we exchanged MANY e-mails. All the while, I am seeing her name typed, semi-stalking her on Facebook (you do it too, so don't judge!), and it simply never clicked.

It was seriously like the day before her family's session when I realized that she is married to someone I used to go to High School with. Not only was I in school with her husband and his younger brother, but she went to the SAME SCHOOL. Seriously?! Have I completely lost my mind??? Is this what happens with age? Could it be because of stress? Or possibly because I am usually working-pausing-working-pausing while children are screaming, interrupting, arguing, crying, needing cuddles, or wanting snacks? My guess is that all of the above played a role in the lack of connection.

Upon arriving for their session (with a rested, and slightly embarrassed, brain) it was as if I were hit with a brick. OF COURSE we went to school together!! They even look EXACTLY the same as they did 15 years ago! And let me tell you something...these 2 make GORGEOUS babies. Beautiful eyes, great hair, sweet little faces, and amazing attitudes. I was in photog heaven with this family!! Take a look:

 See what I mean?!?!

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