Monday, August 5, 2013

Baby Love

I grew up with two sisters and one brother. The house was consistently noisy, very active, and NEVER a dull moment. Not only did my parents have the four of us running around, but there were typically a few friends added into the mix. One of those friends in particular kind of stuck around. He stuck around a lot, actually :) And then, not only did the four of us grow up and multiply, but so did our friends (which is why it's hard to throw a birthday party with less than 50 joke)!

This sweet, sweet baby boy was on his VERY best behavior. I heard him fuss one time in 5 hours. Seriously. And when I say fuss, I mean he peeped a little bit. Like a little squeak. Not a cry. Never a cry. Perfect.

 And while I'm on the subject of 'perfect', this baby's skin was just that. Not a blemish, red spot, scratch, nothing. Gorgeous olive complexion like his beautiful momma (just you wait...a little more perfection coming up...).

Love these piggies <3

This is the family who helped me to come to the decision of officially including a lifestyle session immediately following each of my newborn artistry sessions. No choice. It is a 'must have' now. No way out. These are the images that seem so unbelievably special to me. 

You guys. These girls. Gah. Love, love, love them.

Oh, how they love that baby boy!

Yes. That is, in fact, the woman who birthed this baby 8 days before this. Not.Fair.

Ummm... King Bear charged me in anticipation of having his picture taken!

  So happy to have grown up with this guy, and now absolutely thrilled that his family is growing along side mine. It's these kinds of friendships that last.

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