Monday, August 12, 2013

Birthday Week Extravaganza!

Seeing as how my birthday fell on a Monday (possibly the most boring day of the week), I needed to do a little something to spice it up. Make it a little funky. Have a little fun with it. This is where you guys came in. I also had a goal. A goal of getting to 1200 'LIKE's on my Facebook page. And you did it!! You made it happen!!

So to celebrate the 'LIKE's, as well as growing one year....umm...wiser, I will be running ridiculously awesome deals ALL WEEK. Not only will they be posted to the Facebook page, but I'll also be blogging about them every day, in order to keep up with the Facebook rules and regulations (law abiding citizen right here) :)

First up is a FLASH SALE! You MUST book and pay by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT in order to cash in on this. And I might want to inform you of this... THIS IS THE BEST DEAL ON SESSION PRICES ALL YEAR!

***************Contact me via email to reserve your spot!

In order to stay caught up and informed on all of this week's deals, you might want to click the 'subscribe' option down there! I promise, you aren't going to want to miss out on these!!

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