Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Color Me Unicorn

Years ago (I will spare you *and myself* the actual number), I used to babysit regularly for an amazing family with two awesome kiddos. Fast forward to two years ago when I had my third baby, my hospital door opens up and my nurse walks in. That nurse was the little girl I used to babysit for. I was shocked!! There was no way in the world either of us could be old enough for this scenario! We quickly connected on Facebook and I was over-the-moon excited when she messaged me a few months ago asking me to photograph her own baby when the time came.

This world, you guys. I'm a strong believer in the whole full-circle thing.

I just blogged about my love of Fresh 48 sessions, and this little stinker was featured over there. I knew I couldn't skip over her Newborn Artistry session, so I came back to share all of this gorgeousness with you.

My favorite from their session!

Fed babies are the best babies!! Don't forget that mommas who bottle feed still have that same connection with their babies as mommas who are breastfeeding. It's still their moment. It's still their time together. That bonding opportunity is still there for the two of them. And a baby with a nice full belly is my favorite kind!

That swirl!!!

I still can't believe I used to babysit that baby right there 💗

I always ask tell mommas they're welcome to bring something into the studio if they'd like. This girl got the unicorn treatment! So not only did we use this, but I got to use all of the other unicorn colors in my other setups!

That yawn progression!

Pregnant? Let's get you on the calendar and start styling your Newborn Artistry session!



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