Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Monday, World.

It's Monday morning. This is usually everyone's blah day. Every once in a while it's a rough start for me, but usually it's my day of rejuvenation. I feel refreshed and clean. I purged all of the laziness over the weekend and I am coming in strong. So strong today that, before 8:30am, my dishes were finished, the laundry was folded (and started again), everyone was fed and presentable, and we had time for extra Monday morning hugs before school. And now? Now it's 9:15am and I'm sitting at my computer, coffee in hand, working on a blog post. HELLO Monday morning. You're not really all that bad.

As promised, I will attempt to blog all of my 2013 sessions. Although this one was actually in the last days of '12, I want to get that head start. Just like my Monday mornings. Coming in strong.

 This Momma said there was no way she was going to be in a picture. She hadn't planned on it ahead of time, so all she could do was refuse. Well, that's just not acceptable ;) Be ready. Makeup or not. Clean clothes or not. You will be appearing in one way or another. And I'm SO glad that she did!

 Happy Monday, World.

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