Saturday, January 5, 2013

Don't follow the herd

I was never really a fan of resolutions for the new year. Really. It's almost like setting yourself up for a disastrous failure. Every. Single. Year. Come mid-March (or February), 9 out of 10 resolutions are forfeited and forgotten. Take this blog, for example. I do great in the beginning and then I hit my busy seasons and all is lost in blog land (not this year though, right?!). So, while I do enjoy making a new task list for the year, these resolutions are for the birds.

I have been doing this photography thing for a while now (actually, since like middle school, but we won't count those years). My first paid session was in 2010. And for that session, I earned $20. Guys, I was THRILLED. Seriously. I just scored $20 for having a BLAST with a family who I already adored. And I look back at those now and, in all honesty, I didn't do a terrible job. Obviously, there are PLENTY of things I would do differently now (I won't make a list). But we all have to start somewhere.

After a few years, I have raised my prices a couple of times (Sorry. No more $20 sessions). In 2012, I made a huge decision to not just give over your digital images with your session fee. MANY of you stuck with me through the changes, and I also met several new clients. And for this, YOU ROCK. I always give credit where credit is deserved, and that goes to my 2012 bunch.

While thinking over the changes I'd like to make for the business this year, and making my 2013 task list, I had some serious doubts about the way my pricing works. I know lots of photographers are offering packages. Many do a print credit. Some even do a point system. This, my friends, is all WAY too confusing for me to keep up with. There is enough swirling in this brain already. I have no room for counting, adding, documenting your "points" (Cheers to those of you who can handle this!). So my best answer to keep things simple for myself, and you, is to not change. Why do I have to change things? Just because everyone else is? Well, I've never been one to follow the herd.

So there you have it. NO PORTRAIT PRICE CHANGE IN 2013!!!
It's official. CHEERS ;)

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