Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Getting in the Mood

My last post was on a very happy Monday. Today's post is brought to you by a very tired Wednesday. I don't know what it is about the middle of the week that makes me just want to stay in bed and ride it out until Thursday. Maybe it's because the temperatures are in the SINGLE DIGITS here in the Bluegrass? Yep. Probably. I'm not a cold kind of a person either. So the middle of the week, combined with a ridiculous wind chill makes for a sour attitude. The only thing that brings me out of a sour attitude is focusing on plans. Plans for the future. Plans for the future of my business. Plans for the future of my business in WARM WEATHER. My mood has drastically increased just by typing the last 4 sentences. 

A few months ago, I was asked about mentoring sessions by several people. I gave it a quick thought, but I was also smack dab in the middle of my busiest season EVER. It got put on the back burner, along with all of my other super awesome ideas that have yet to come forward. I initially thought I would be able to pull something together for this month. January. What was I thinking? January is SO not fun. It's not a month that makes me want to learn or teach. Or even get out of bed. It's a blah month. A month of taxes. And ice. If I had picked January, I wouldn't really have time to pull my awesomeness together. It kind of would have been lots of thoughts thrown together quickly and taught in (probably) a semi-boring way. That's just unacceptable.

Wanna hear what I've come up with by waiting a couple of weeks and digging deep into my winter-logged brain? NOW I'M EXCITED!!! My 1st official mentoring session will take place in July 2013. I will be opening this workshop to 5 people who want to learn, improve, and perfect their photography skills, whether you're an inspiring photographer, or a "mom with a camera" -side-note: I REALLY hate this term and my eyes are rolling around in my head just by thinking it. If you have ever hunted through photography blogs and sites, you see that term used often. It's so incredibly off putting. So please know that I don't only see you as a "mom with a camera". I see you as someone wanting to create. Just like me. -- I will be focusing on a few very specific strategies, and will be covering topics like using your camera in manual mode, lighting (mostly natural, but some flash techniques as well), posing, and very basic editing skills. Not only will I be teaching these skills, but all of the attendants will have the chance to play... I mean work...with a model family in the most perfect location EVER. Like, seriously ever. My favorite summer location in the world with the most gorgeous lighting you will ever find.

Ahhhhh... (that was my sigh of relief in case you didn't hear it well enough). With the news spilled, my space heater on high and sitting right in front of me burning my face off, and the thought of the July evening sun, my Wednesday is looking (and feeling) SO much better. And to that, I say Happy Wednesday!

Here's a quick Before and After:
Before = When I was "just a mom with a camera" (Although, I still LOVE this picture because of my littlest Little and her sweet little goo face). After = Warm July sun under my favorite tree ever, after being 95% self-taught and 5% taught by other awesome photographers.
                             (2008)                                                                         (2012)


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