Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gramming it Up

Are you an Instagrammer? I want to know about it!

When first hearing of Instagram, I just wasn't convinced. I thought it all seemed  little weird to me. You know, being a photographer and having it in my brain 24 hours a day, I just didn't see how the world loved the blurry, splotchy, barely visible, grainy camera phone pictures so much. I figured it was a fad, and nothing more.

And then, the unthinkable happened. I switched to my very first iPhone. I was now equipped with a camera at all moments. And I had no other choice but to use it. Of course. And after using it (a lot), I, being a photographer and all, had no other choice but to make my own blotchy, grainy pictures into works of art. And this, my friends, required a little help. A little help from an app (I hate that term). The app known as Instagram.

So now, equipped with the fancy phone, the fancy app, the fancy filters, and my super awesome life (HAHA!), my Instagram site is filling up nicely! Come over and FOLLOW so that I can FOLLOW you back!

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