Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Passion is Energy

Here we are again. February. The shortest month. My most boring month. The do nothing, long, cold, blustery Kentucky days of February. Well, I guess there's Valentine's Day. That's a pretty good day. But all of the other days are usually big, blah, boo days. Until this February. TWOTHOUSANDTHIRTEENFEBRUARY. You, are rockin' it for me this time.

The first weekend of February 2013 brought me three shoots. Three completely different shoots. The first, a massive art show event. MASSIVE. And gorgeous. Gorgeous like I've never seen, gorgeous. In a venue that I am so deeply in love with now, I actually sent my hubby a text containing the sentence "Can we get married again and have our wedding here?" So many shiny happy people coming together to raise funds for the education of children. Not just for their education, but for a program that I am equally in love with. The school I was fortunate enough to spend my last high school years in. The school of thought. St. Francis.

Next up on my February 2013 line up was a spur of the moment, semi-unplanned, throw together quickly engagement session. Well, okay, it was planned. But not for this date. Not any date, really. Just an outstanding appointment marked "When it snows". And it snowed! It snowed 2 days in a row, actually, leaving a perfect, soft white blanket around the city. You know how sometimes snow gets that nasty, brown, sludgy, mud tinge? Well, there was none of that. Just white. Beautiful, quiet, white snow. Oh, and hot chocolate. And a beagle. And this sweet, sweet couple who are set to wed in September of this powerful year.

And to complete my first weekend in February, I got to skip, jump, run, and make silly faces. This, my friends, is where I feel the most like myself. On the floor, crossing my eyes, playing peek-a-boo, and laughing with a goofy two year old. This particular two year old just happens to be my first newborn session newbie. She's also my cousin's little lady, so the fact that she's got my genes and stuff just makes it that much more fun! And while she attempts for 10 seconds to act shy, she just can't hide her silly side---Much like myself :)

 So what I'm leading up to here in my enormous review of my weekend is this:

While I am trying my hardest to focus on one aspect of my work, I just can't yet. I have had one of THE BEST weekends ever with my camera. And I'm not ready to give up on the mega events. Or the couple falling madly in love in front of my lens. Or the silliest clients ever. They are all a piece of me and a piece of my work. My passion.

"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you." 
- Oprah Winfrey

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