Sunday, February 10, 2013

Small Business Tips and Tricks

When beginning my own small business, I had NO CLUE what I was doing. My father owns his own business, so I felt I had a little bit of support in that area. But he doesn't own an art business. I was starting an art business. Come to find out, his business and my business? Nothing alike. Nothing. But he's an excellent sound board for my rambling brain (Thanks, Dad!). My brother came in next. He's an accountant (jealous?!). He was able to advise on the business taxes (PAY YOUR TAXES, PEOPLE), and banking topics (Thanks, Bro!).
MHP Blog Readers, meet Dad.
MHP Blog Readers, meet Bro (J-town Baby 1979)

But when it came right down to it, I was left with me, myself, and Google. And from there, I grew (and am still growing), a successful small business (YIPEE!). Here's what you need to know to get going:

FOCUS: Pick one subject and drive it home. If you have a talent, craft, or skill, USE IT. Don't try to start up a business doing something you know nothing about. This is an automatic fail. If you think you just want to do it because it "looks easy", DON'T DO IT. If it's not something you love and feel passionate about and think you could spend the rest of your life doing, DON'T DO IT. Take your talent and create based upon that.

EDUCATION: While you may have a special skill, there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Don't settle. I learn something new EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. about photography and the business. I strive to know more and do better. There is only room for growth in my art, and in order to grow successfully, I have to continue my education.

MARKETING: Although marketing was a topic I was highly interested in during high school, I never pursued it until I began my business. *this also falls into that category above*. I research (and still do), the best marketing strategies for my type of business. Not only did I research it, but I tested it. I once handed out 100 business cards in 3 days (I booked one session off of it and ended up breaking even on the cost of the business cards...This was a success though!). I discovered this thing called FACEBOOK! Who would have known what a success this idea was? It was PERFECT! And free (my favorite kind of marketing)! But the best marketing strategy ever? WORD OF MOUTH. By far, I have booked more successful, returning clients by simply making someone else happy. If you have a happy client, it is guaranteed they will tell someone else.

SUPPORT: This should actually be at the top of the list. I know it sounds kind of cheesy and all, but I would not be where I am today without my support system (all 48 of them!). My family has backed me 100% of the way. And that dude down there? Well, he is the one behind the scenes fixing my computer issues, raising our babies, doing the laundry, cleaning the toilet, and holding my hand through all of this. He's my rock.

MHP Blog Readers, meet Burr.

These are definitely not the only four things it takes to run a business. And, to be perfectly honest, I find lots of new tips and tricks to implement every day. It's all in the trial and error. But if you are patient, consistent, and honest, you can grow into something pretty freakin' amazing.

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” - Chris Grosser

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  1. “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” – A nice quote to live by for entrepreneurs. And the tips you’ve provided above will serve as excellent guide. Of course, it’s not the same for everyone, and it might take more for most people. But essentially, the right education, marketing, support and focus can help in jumpstarting your goals. Have a great day! Clint @
    Franchise Match