Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Woodland Creatures

I met this gorgeous momma while doing some volunteer work with Cabbage Patch Settlement House; an organization dedicated to changing the lives of  at-risk children. She is their designated manager of public and donor relations, however she does so much more than just that. At each event I have been a part of, she is constantly buzzing around, organizing teams, hosting guests, and solving problems. Not only is she the go-to person for many of these events, she is also an amazing photographer who gifts The Patch with her art. 

Although it's always an honor to hear someone wants to book me for a maternity and newborn package, I was *so* excited that these two chose ME to be their photographer. With both of them holding so much artistic ability, I was super nervous!

In discussing locations for their maternity session, she sent me a picture of a tree branch and gave me the name of the park. With that, I went wondering one evening to not only stumble upon the branch from the picture, but also a perfect little spot, barely tread upon, with stunning lighting. And then, magic happened...

While nothing is ever predictable with babies, this sweet girl is sure to have the most beautiful childhood imaginable with these two as parents. I can't wait to get my hands on her ;)