Friday, May 8, 2020

Studio Precautions Upon Reopening - Louisville Photographer - Louisville Newborn Photographer

My new fancy camera mask!

Per the Governor's Office, I am able to begin working again on MONDAY! Although I am so ready to get back to "normal", it just isn't going to be what it was before Covid-19. I am working on embracing this and making it my own new normal!

Going forward, I will be 100% transparent with my plans for operating. Not only am I protecting my own family (many of them over 65, some with compromised immune systems, some with autoimmune diseases), but I have a moral obligation to keep each and every one of you safe and healthy as we navigate this together.

In order for this to work, I need your help. I need you to commit to following the guidelines I have put in place so that we can begin to create gorgeous artwork together once again.

*I will be wearing my mask as I shoot in the studio, and I'm asking that all adults have one on as well if they are not going to be in the portraits.

*Upon arrival, I ask that everyone go directly to the restroom and wash hands before entering the studio space.

*All shoes need to be removed when entering the studio. If shoes are a part of an outfit, I ask that you pack and bring them instead of wearing them to the studio. Those can be put on before we begin portraits.

*All props, fabrics, dresses, and outfits are cleaned and sanitized in between every single client.

*At this time, outside props cannot be brought into the studio space. However I assure you there are still plenty of adorable items in the studio!

*I am spacing my appointments out and allowing 48 hours in between clients, so sessions will no longer be back to back on the same day.

*There is plenty of sanitizer in the studio. PLEASE USE IT!

*Please bring minimal items into the studio space. A purse or diaper bag is just fine, however anything you can leave and lock in the car would be ideal. The studio is stocked with wipes, sanitizer, feminine hygiene products, and Newborn/Size 1 diapers.

*If you or anyone you have come into contact with in the last 14 days has been experiencing a fever, cough, shortness of breath, GI problems, respiratory illness, or loss of senses WE NEED TO RESCHEDULE. Just as I ask my clients to not bring illnesses into the studio, I will be following all of the same rules and will need to reschedule your appointment if I (or my family) were to have any of these symptoms.

*Only members of your immediate family/household should occupy the studio at this time.

 I am currently working through my list and getting families rescheduled who missed out on their original date. Once I get all of them secured on my calendar I will begin booking everyone else! Watch the Facebook page and Instagram in the meantime for brief updates!

Love + Light, Friends! I'm excited to see your faces again!


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