Monday, May 11, 2020

My Covid Vacation - Louisville Photographer - Louisville Newborn Photographer

If you aren't following me on Instagram, you should be! It's fun over there and you will get a glimpse into what I do other than photograph beautiful people! Go check the stories and watch me fumble my way through the Covid-19 era with a husband working from home full time, 3 kids (13, 12, and 3!), and a crazy One Year Old pup.


I am thankful for our health. This is all I can say on that matter. WE ARE HEALTHY AT HOME. I would not trade that for any date night, portrait session, client meeting, Grammy Night, coffee shop, Target trip, or mini session event. Just when I think we have exhausted all measures of creativity, we dream up something new to keep us entertained and happy. This is not to say I haven't felt every single emotion during this time. Because I  have. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. But we are HEALTHY and SAFE. Which is exactly how I hope to find all of you when I fully reopen!

Until then, here's a glimpse into my Covid 19 Vacation. Because that's what I'm calling it now.

Creating a gorgeous headpiece from vines! I'll reveal it soon!

So many walks and bike rides. So many.

Pretty sure this was the first day. And clips still all up in my hair!

More clips in my hair, and planting so many seeds. All the seeds.

This is Max.

Lots of hiking.

So much icing on those cookies!

My very crowded table. This pretty much sums up our Covid Vacation.

He's the one keeping me sane.

He now has Zoom classes with a bunch of 2 and 3 year olds. That's fun stuff!

One of my favorite moments from this odd time.
We built fairy houses the first week. They went in the garbage on Week 2.
Naps. Lots of them.
We have no rules anymore.
Here we are driving. Again.
We had a bubble parade through the neighborhood. Just our family of 5. One excited toddler, one kid who goes with the flow easily, and one teenager who hated all of us in this moment.
Again. No rules. Want to stand on the table with the dog and eat bubbles? Sure.
This was his best day and he will absolutely tell you this if asked.
We celebrated Max's First Birthday. He ate that cake in two bites and then puked it all back up onto the same plate. That was fun.
The Smile Parade from Turner's Circus came to our court!
None of us had clothes on when they arrived. We all scrambled to get dressed but we forgot to put pants on the baby.
Growth. These were my babies when I couldn't be with yours.
I guess this is my new face now.
We picnic several times a week. Sometimes multiple times a day!

I will see you all SOON!



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