Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Sometimes Babies Like To Be Awake - Louisville Newborn Photographer - Louisville KY

I fell head over heals in love with this sweet guy. He slept fantastic for the first part of his session and then decided he was going to be awake and hang out with us! His eye contact was incredible for just being a couple of weeks old, and he genuinely looked like he was just going to get up and start a conversation!

Lots of parents ask ahead of time "what if my baby won't sleep"? Well, then the baby doesn't sleep!! We often forget that babies are actually humans too!! Sometimes they're ready to be awake! I guarantee we will get some sleepy shots of your newbie. That's just inevitable. However, when your baby is awake, alert, and happy we go with that! And the results are typically phenomenal!

These all neutral shots are some of my favorite setups! It focuses solely on the baby which is always my true mission!

Sometimes I ask you to sniff your baby. You'll thank me for it later!

Those knee wrinkles!!!

Listening to momma's voice!

Getting ready for my Fall and Winter babies! If you haven't booked your session, now is the time!



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