Thursday, September 12, 2019

Clark Memorial Winner - Louisville Newborn Photographer - Indiana Newborn Photographer - Louisville Ky - Southern IN

Each Spring, Clark Memorial Hospital hosts a Baby Shower for expectant mothers! I love participating in this event each year and watching all of these mommas wander around talking to vendors, gathering information about their new arrivals, and eating all kinds of yummy goodness! All of these people in one spot for one reason: to help welcome these new humans Earth-side!!

I donate a session to be raffled off each year and this guy's momma won the package! I was so excited to meet them and see his sweet face! He was a total dream baby and I LOVED her color choices for him!

Check out that sweet little dimple in his chin!

Fuzzy shoulders are a favorite feature of mine! I always have to highlight them!

This shot was totally spontaneous. I was rolling him to position for a different setup and saw all of that sweet mushy back goodness! I knew I had to grab a shot of it. It's details like this that you want to remember forever!

That eye contact!!!

 Congratulations, Momma! Thank you for letting me love on this sweet boy!

If you haven't booked your Fall or Winter Newborn Artistry session, LET'S DO IT! 



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