Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Bring On The Real Life

I am completely in love with this lifestyle session and I wanted you guys to see! Unless you're in the industry, most people don't know what a "lifestyle" session actually looks like.

I've been documenting this family since their maternity session in the studio. We decided to do something a little different to celebrate our big 4 month milestone, so I traveled to their adorable home to capture some family time between the three of them.

I know everyone is thinking there's no way their home would photograph well enough, or there's no way they could get it clean enough! I have the exact same thoughts about my own home!! The toys are EVERYWHERE! But there's no need to fret over the little stuff. I am there to document your LIFE. Your CONNECTION. Your LOVE. I'm not there to judge your mess 😜 I've got plenty of mess of my own!

So make the bed, throw the dishes in the dishwasher, and pull open those curtains. I'll scoot everything else out of the way when I get there!

We spend so much time just *being* with our families in our homes. Documenting this is a great way to hold onto those memories.

This nursery is absolutely stunning. We spend *so* much time making sure our babes have the most perfect nursery. We need to document it before they're big and throw their clothes all over the floor! I promise, this happens sooner than you think!

Let's get your lifestyle session on the calendar! Now booking for SUMMER!



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