Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Newborn Model Workshop

While I am totally in love with my career as a child, family, and wedding photographer, my heart belongs to my newborns. It is simply where I want to be at all times and, while I'm there, I can't imagine being anywhere else.

I travel to my babies houses so their families don't have to bother getting life together and coming out into the real world quite so soon. In going to client's homes, I drag a TON of stuff in, set a TON of stuff up, work with the baby by myself (I don't like to ask new mommas for help!), and then drag it all back out again. I was needing someone I would trust with my own kids to help me. Nothing made more sense than to ask my sister for help!

She agreed to let me teach her the ways of the newborn artistry, she agreed to be the best blanket holder ever, and she agreed to toss me poop rags as needed as long as she didn't have to clean it up. It seems like a WIN-WIN for everyone involved!

These shots are from our first Newborn Workshop together, where my new assistant did an amazing job. Thank you so much for joining my team, Rebecca! And thank you to these mommas who agreed to bring their babies to me for this one!

To book your Newborn Artistry Session, contact Megan! During booking, be sure to mention this post for a discount!



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