Monday, April 29, 2013

It was a long, cold winter...

I don't like winter. At all. It makes me an angry person. I didn't used to be like this. I think now that I'm older, I truly understand the impact the cold has on my body. I ache for months. Physically hurt! My ears hurt. My skin hurts. My bones hurt. The cold digs under my skin around December 1st and doesn't let go until we've had a couple of weeks of sunshine and 65+ degree weather. In Kentucky (particularly Louisville, since we've got this river siting here and all), this release into Spring could be anywhere between March 1st and May 1st. Really, there is no predicting it. Not even with the use of a groundhog.

The session I am featuring here was scheduled for a couple of weeks before it actually took place. It should have been Spring. It was supposed to be warm(er), and things were to be blooming. Tulips should have been popping up, blossoms should have been hanging out on the trees, and that warm Spring sun should have been warming my soul. Instead, it was freezing cold (literally) and raining. And then it snowed. Again. In late, late March. So a reschedule it was. And oh, how thankful I am for that reschedule. This is what it should have been all along. There's the sun. Warmth. Color. This late budding Spring was worth the wait this year, as it has produced some of my favorite images ever.

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