Thursday, August 8, 2019

Two Year Old Getting To Know His New Sister - Louisville Newborn Photography - Louisville KY

This momma called me several weeks before she was due with their second baby. They were living up north and about to make a huge move to this area right before her due date! Changing anything when you're about to deliver a baby is tough, but GOODNESS!

They got moved safely just in time for this sweet girl to make her appearance!

When you're two, you need a little encouragement to touch your sister!

It is just as important to me that your toddler is comfortable as it is that your newborn is comfortable. If your toddler or older kiddo is nervous about holding or touching the new baby, that's totally normal! They have lots happening in their little worlds. Let's be easy on them and make sure they're happy too!!

The eye contact with this little one was AMAZING.

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