Sunday, May 20, 2012

Trial Run?

While I have written briefly on my blog about my absolute FAVORITE Parent's Day Out program before, I am now dedicating an entire post to them. Bethel St. Paul's Baby Break Program has been a home away from home to my own children for five years now.

I was recently offered an amazing opportunity in working with the children of the PDO and Pre-K programs. It was sort of a trial run in the great race of photography. A trial run that became more than just a trial. It was AWESOME!! For starters, I hold all of these children in a special place in my heart, as I have watched many of them and their siblings grow over the years. I know all of them by name, and they know me as well. It's comfortable. So to them, I'm not just any crazy lady jumping up and down behind a camera. I'm that crazy lady, Miss Megan, jumping up and down behind the camera.

I had BIG plans for my first Boutique School Portraiture experience. Here were my main goals (and only goals, really):

1)  Create an atmosphere that was neither normal or standard for school pictures.

2)  Have fun and laugh a lot.

3)  Be able to give back to the Baby Break Program in a monetary donation from Megan Hile Photography based on the sales of the images.

4)  Laugh a lot and have fun.

Since I was able to meet ALL of my goals for my trial run, I will now be doing it again!! So I am officially announcing one more chapter to my quickly growing business: 

Megan Hile Photography: 
Boutique School Portraiture   

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