Friday, October 21, 2011

 Once again, I present a member of my Baby Break family. Only this time, she comes with her own family, including the dog, Steve. Why did they name him Steve? Because their last name is Martin! This says a lot about the type of people they are! 

Ms. Shelley has taught both of my Little's, as well as 2 of my nieces. She has worked for Baby Break for 20 years, and is an OUTSTANDING teacher. She connects with the kiddos on a different level than anyone else. Her classroom is a fun, exciting, educational environment where she makes all of her 3 year old's feel safe. She is the teacher who takes that large step into beginning the preschool process with children. Ms. Shelley has taught my kid's how to write their names, how to say the Pledge of Allegiance, how to speak Spanish, and how to be confident little ladies. She treats each child as an individual and takes the time to help them when they need it. I cannot say enough good things about her!!!

So, let me tell you about the family dynamic! Between Shelley and her husband, I thought my face might literally break in half from laughing so hard. Holding the camera steady was definitely a task! They play off of each other so well, and simply go with the flow when it comes to their kids. I really appreciate a set of parents who can simply sit back and let their kids be kids during a photo shoot. And due to the relaxed, fun, hilarious couple of hours, this session will go down in the Top 10 all time favorites EVER! 

I leave you with a few of my favorites from the day. There were SEVERAL awesome outtakes (some worthy of a Christmas card!), but those will be kept private for Steve's sake!!

 Thank you Shelley and Tim for being AMAZING.

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