Friday, October 21, 2011

A Part of My Life

As I begin this blog post, I must give a little background info. My family (beginning about 9 years ago) stumbled upon some amazing people. My niece began going to a Parents Day Out-Preschool Program at Bethel St. Paul. Eventually, my other nieces began attending, my sister-in-law began working there, then I enrolled my Little's, and I loved it so much that I jumped on board and began working there, as well. Although this little family has gained, as well as lost, a few members, they are just that: Family. They take care of my kiddos, and about 60 others, just as they would their own.

Now, with the back story, I present to you Ms. Lauren and her fabulous family. Max and Molly are SERIOUSLY, no doubt, NO joking, SERIOUSLY a couple of the CUTEST KIDS EVER. I mean EVER. And you can't even tell that Max went to the hospital 2 days before the shoot for a few stitches in the head!

 So sorry Lauren...I just had to! More back story: She was being attacked by a GIANT spider. No one else seemed to care though!!!

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