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Hi. My Name Is Megan. - Louisville Newborn Photographer - Louisville KY

It's been a while since I've done an introduction of myself, so let's do that now.

I am married to my Superman, Nicholas. We fell in love right after high school and have essentially grown up together. This man is my greatest support, he is my calm place, and he roots for my success in everything I love. We are quite opposite in many areas of our lives and our brains often think very differently, but he's my perfect match and there is no one else in this world I would rather be doing life with.

After a brief battle with infertility and then two miscarriages, we were finally able to welcome our first rainbow baby into the world in 2006. Fast forward a very short 15 months and our second daughter joined us. In 2017, after experiencing another round of severe trauma and grief with an ectopic pregnancy, we welcomed our baby boy and completed our family of five.

I don't speak about it much on social media, but I am a philanthropist and have always been a helper/healer by nature. I seek out those who have less than I do, those who are in need, and those who may need a little extra from someone else. I don't judge. I don't ask questions. That's not my job. My job is to help. I will post the links below to my favorite non-profits to work with, but I always encourage everyone to GET INVOLVED. Do what you can. It doesn't take much!! There are millions of ways to help in your community. If you need ideas, I'd love to talk with you more about this.

Roo's Wish

Hope's Closet Kentucky

My Dog Eats First

The Forgotten Louisville

The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kentuckiana

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

The Healing Place

The Cabbage Patch Settlement House

I am an artist. It took me years to be able to own this title, but I'm comfortable with it now. I have had a camera in my hand since I was six years old. My first camera came with flash cubes and I will always remember the smell as they blew after each shot. All through Middle and High School I shot on film. I shot family events and holidays, random items around the house, I would make my sister pose for me, I chased fire engines to capture buildings burning, I took portraits of the kids I babysat, and I strongly considered pursuing a career in photojournalism. It didn't matter what kind of camera I was using. As long as I had one in my hands, I was creating and content.

As film became more of a thing of the past, my husband urged me to switch to a digital camera. I was so reluctant to make this switch. It felt like something so foreign to me! However, he purchased our first DSLR and I was instantly in love. My girls were just babies at the time and I would practice lighting techniques and posing on them. One afternoon, I took them to a park and did their portraits. It was then that I knew this was where I belonged. I was going to be a baby photographer.

That brings me to now. I did that. I'm a baby photographer! HA! It's absolutely unbelievable some days. I get to do exactly what I love. My passion is my career, and this is not something I take lightly. I know just how fortunate I am to be doing what I love. 

In this job of mine I have 2 focuses: Baby Safety and Momma Health (physical and mental)

Not only am I trained in newborn safety, it is something I will never stray from just to get a shot. I will NEVER pose a baby in a way their body doesn't naturally fall into. Every single baby is different and I think the world of Pinterest has warped our minds into believing all the babies can do all the things all the time. THIS.IS.NOT.TRUE. I cannot stress this enough! Just like I can't touch my toes everyday, every baby isn't going to fold in half! Whatever your baby can (or can't) do, I promise you will have gorgeous portraits of your new baby that will be able to be passed down from generation to generation. 

Because of my safety standards with my babies, I am completely vaccinated. I will never put you or your baby at risk and I will always be completely honest and open. I ask that if you or your baby is sick, PLEASE reschedule your appointment. Not only do I have brand new babies in the studio on a regular basis, I often have children with compromised immune systems. I am happy to work with you once everyone is well!

Let's chat about my momma's health. This is a sincere concern of mine. When you make it to my studio, you are most likely feeling completely wiped out. You have not only given birth within a week or so, but you are not sleeping, you probably are not eating or hydrating well, and you are trying to grasp on to any little thing that might seem familiar in this crazy new life you're getting used to. Many of you are still working on a breastfeeding relationship with your newbie, you're listening to advice from hospital staff, pediatrician office staff, family members, friends, and the dreaded Facebook groups. All of this chaos on top of massive hormonal changes is like a tornado and it has the potential to do some major harm. I personally dealt with postpartum depression and psychosis. It was a living nightmare at times and I feel like I am highly sensitive to this when I see it happening with the mommas I work with. I will be checking in with you. I will make sure you are hydrating while you're relaxing on my couch for a couple of hours. I will ask when you ate last and I want you to snack while you're there. I am always happy to help you with your baby's latch, I will give a bottle while you nap, and I encourage you to make this a peaceful, stress-free moment for you and your family. I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU. I am not just there for your baby's portraits. I am there for YOU if you need me. Come sit. Breathe. Wear your maternity pants, your sweat pants, or your pajamas. Close your eyes. Take a moment to regroup. 

All of this is me. An old soul. A believer in family. A loud and hard laugh-er. A woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, business owner, advocate, philanthropist, and Soul Sister. I am a leader and a healer. I love deeply, hold closely, and create passionately. I am an artist.

I would love to get to know you guys better! Let's get coffee!



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