Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby Toes it is

If you follow my Facebook Fan Page, then you have heard about my fine art collection being on display at Breadworks, an amazing Fair Trade coffee and bread shop, for the entire month of December. This was SOOOOO weird for me! I am VERY modest, and to walk into the coffee shop I love so much and see my work (MY WORK!) on was just weird.

I had 5 different pieces hanging. Four of these, I picked myself. The last one I was having a rough time choosing. I REALLY wanted to hang one of my ocean pieces (from the last post). I kind of get in this mood during the winter where I can think of nothing but sun, heat, water, and sand. Upon conversations with my hubby and my sister (the best barista in Louisville...go see her!), they voted NO on the ocean, and YES on baby toes. Wait. WHAT?! Baby toes?!?! The man and the, well, (if you knew her you'd understand) sister voted baby toes. Okey dokey. Baby Toes it is.

And there they hung. The Rainbow, The Duck, Flower, Prickly Ball Plants, and Baby Toes. For the entire month of the hustle and bustle, in and out, holiday season.  People looking at my art. People discussing my art. People critiquing my art.

I was scheduled to remove my pieces from the store on New Year's Eve. The next artist was a painter and would be hanging his work the following morning. As I checked my email on the 31st, I came across a message titled "Toes Picture at Breadworks in The Loop". Ha! It's even funnier when I type it out! Who would have thought?!?! Definitely not me! But this man wished to purchase my art, my work, my creation. He wanted to buy Baby Toes!

So, as I took my collection down from the walls that afternoon, I also sold my very first piece of fine art. And I closed out 2011 with a new view on my passion. I am not just a photographer. I am an artist. I see things that other people don't see, and I make them stand still. I make them stand still so that I am able to look into them forever. 

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