Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Hunt For Perfection

I have officially been in business since 2011, however I did my fair share of research before I opened shop. I have continuously shopped for *the* very best products to both fit my branding, and offer my amazing clients. Over the years, there has just been something lacking in my prints. I'm never completely satisfied when those shipments hit my door. I just wanted something more. I knew it was out there, or that eventually someone would be developing the exact thing I was needing for my business. So I kept shopping. I kept developing. I hunted and ordered and purchased and hunted some more.

Last week, it happened. A brand new company just formed. They knew exactly what the photography world had been lacking. They did their research, developed their product, and have created the most gorgeous, breathtaking pieces to have ever hit my porch. The colors, the textures, the richness and details have left me in awe of my own work, and this is a rarity.

So now, my product line for 2015 and beyond is complete. Just wait until you hold them in your hands. 

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