Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happily Obliged.

I rarely reschedule my appointments. Already this year, I've had to reschedule two. TWO. This is more than I rescheduled all of last year! But I am SO glad that I did. Shooting in snow and sleet is no fun for anyone, and the day that we ended up with was more than perfect!

These five are pretty awesome. They were so laid back and never once gave me a weird look when I asked them to sit on the ground, run into the middle of the street, or laugh the biggest, most fake, awkward laugh they have ever laughed. They just did it. Happily obliged.

These are the kind of people every photographer wishes they had as clients. And I just ended up lucky enough to get them :)

Right here. This might be one of my favorite shots of the day! He is seriously THE most patient teenage big brother I have ever met in my life. This guy is going to grow up and make someone special very happy one day.

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  1. Oh I LOVE it! You are so amazing Megan. Really. <3


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