Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What do YOU want?

With the holidays upon us, I tend to get all sentimental thinking about the year that is coming to an end. And I get all gushy and excited thinking about the new year we are about to begin. Warm and fuzzy thoughts, ya know?

With the new year will come changes. It's inevitable. Last year, I didn't change a thing. My branding stayed the same. My pricing stayed the same. I liked it. I was comfortable. My business was up and running. I didn't want to mess with a good thing when it was working. ppssst...I don't like change...

The next year. 2014. Things have to change. I'm ready. As ready as I'll ever be. But are you? I need feedback. I know what I want. I know what my husband wants. I know what all of my mentors want. But none of that matters if you're not happy. So I bring it to you. It's simple. Don't over-think it like I do.

Following your session, what products are you wanting?

Do you want professional prints?

Do you want canvases?

Do you want albums and mini books?

Or are you really just wanting the digital images?

If you are only purchasing the digital images, are you printing them out?

What do YOU want from ME?

See? Simple.

Feel free to respond here on the blog, or contact me directly. The more the merrier. Share this with your friends so I know what THEY want too!

And I leave you with this. Warm fuzzies all around :)

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